Speaking on Christian Ethics

David Gushee

I love to get in front of people and talk about the issues and how we respond to them as followers of Jesus. That's what I call speaking on Christian ethics, and It’s been my life’s work. As individuals and groups, we experience new challenges every day, and as an ethicist, pastor, author, and advocate, I strive to help you meet those challenges with a principled approach that you can share with others.

I'm ready to inspire and inform your audiences for lectures, sermons, and interviews whether it’s a church, college, conference, podcast or other venue. See my issues page for a full list of topics I can speak to, and some of my most popular topics below. For updates on upcoming speaking, subscribe to my email list, or follow me on social media.

Current Speaking

10/10/2023  Post Evangelical Collective Nashville
10/12/2023  Eastern European Institute Theology Ukraine (online)
10/18/2023  Global Immersion Webinar
10/19/2023  Spiritual Brewpub podcast
10/22/2023  Anglican Church Chipping Campden, UK
10/27/2023  Cardiff Baptist College in Wales
10/29/2023  Vilnius University Lithuania
11/03/2023  Hamburg Conference
11/07/2023  Global Immersion Webinar
11/08/2023  Evangelcalish podcast
11/10/2023  What in God's Name podcast
11/14/2023  Global Immersion Webinar
11/16/2023  Sacred Tension podcast
11/17/2023  American Academy of Religion, San Antonio
11/26/2023  Edgewood Church
12/18/2023  Madang

Speaking Topics


Following Jesus After Evangelicalism

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Full Inclusion for LGTBQ Christians, Once and For All

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Against Authoritarianism

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Other Topics

Repenting White Christian Supremacism; Why Following Jesus Is So Hard: Renewing Christian Commitment to Democracy; Christians as Reconcilers in a Polarized Land; The Meaning of Truth in an Age of Weaponized Lies; The Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust, Moral Leadership for a Divided Age; The Sacredness of Human Life; The Meaning of Forgiveness; Caring for God's Creation; Covenantal Sexual Ethics; The Kingdom of God as the Vision and Motivation for Christian Ethics

David's Speaking Videos

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