Speaking on Christian Ethics

David Gushee

I love to get in front of people and talk about the issues and how we respond to them as followers of Jesus. That's what I call speaking on Christian ethics, and It’s been my life’s work. As individuals and groups, we experience new challenges every day, and as an ethicist, pastor, author, and advocate, I strive to help you meet those challenges with a principled approach that you can share with others.

I'm ready to inspire and inform your audiences for lectures, sermons, and interviews whether it’s a church, college, conference, podcast or other venue. See my issues page for a full list of topics I can speak to, and some of my most popular topics below. For updates on upcoming speaking, subscribe to my email list, or follow me on social media.

Speaking Topics


Following Jesus After Evangelicalism

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Full Inclusion for LGTBQ Christians, Once and For All

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Against Authoritarianism

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Other Topics

Repenting White Christian Supremacism; Why Following Jesus Is So Hard: Renewing Christian Commitment to Democracy; Christians as Reconcilers in a Polarized Land; The Meaning of Truth in an Age of Weaponized Lies; The Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust, Moral Leadership for a Divided Age; The Sacredness of Human Life; The Meaning of Forgiveness; Caring for God's Creation; Covenantal Sexual Ethics; The Kingdom of God as the Vision and Motivation for Christian Ethics

David's Speaking Videos

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