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I Vote for a Bit of Normal
Four recent events in my life maybe converge to a theme: After six apocalyptic years, I ...
Voter Map of U.S.
Trump’s Toxicity: A First Take on the Midterm Elections
On the morning after, with more results still to come in, so far the most important ...
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The Unsolvable Political Problem Facing Those Who Lead Purple Churches
The United States is bitterly divided along what we now call red/blue, conservative/liberal, Republican/Democrat lines. Of ...
Gushee Speaking in Frankfurt
The Post-evangelical Phenomenon Is in Europe Too
Just after Labor Day, I flew to Zurich to begin 10 days of meetings, podcasts and ...
man with bullhorn
‘Radical New Arrangements’: On Conservative Christian Radicalization in the U.S.
After a year of researching the matter rather deeply — including listening to conservative scholars, activists ...
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What Happened to American Conservatism? Engaging Matthew Continetti’s The Right
It is always valuable to engage the other side. Especially when one finds the other side ...

Kingdom Ethics Podcast

Discussions of ethics, leadership, and world issues from a Christian perspective distinctly informed by the teachings found in the Sermon on the Mount, with co-hosts David Gushee and Jeremy Hall.

The podcast is currently on hiatus, but click through for our series on "Why Following Jesus Is So Hard," and topical episodes on truth, covenant love, moral theory, forgiveness, David's journey with the church, and more.

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