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Pro Gun Protest
Our Weekly Gun Massacres Mark a Devastating Cultural Failure
Our weekly gun massacres in the United States are shocking in the extreme. They set us ...
Image of LOVE
Christianity without Love
One of them, an expert in the law, asked him a question to test him. ...
Christian Right
The Christian Right Continues Its Futile but Dangerous War of Reaction
For a long time, it was clear the white Christian Right in the United States was waging ...
Trump on escalator
The ‘Man of Lawlessness’ Gets Indicted in New York
Since summer 2015, the most important figure in American life has been Donald J. Trump. Every ...
photo of Twitter icon
The Dubious Ethics of Christian Twitter
Twitter is an enticement to sin. How’s that for a lead? Shall I say more? ...
Ukrainian child
An Interview with Ukrainian Baptist Theologian Fyodor Raychynets
Last week, I was in Amsterdam for the annual academic colloquium of the International Baptist Theological ...

Kingdom Ethics Podcast

Discussions of ethics, leadership, and world issues from a Christian perspective distinctly informed by the teachings found in the Sermon on the Mount, with co-hosts David Gushee and Jeremy Hall.

The podcast is currently on hiatus, but click through for our series on "Why Following Jesus Is So Hard," and topical episodes on truth, covenant love, moral theory, forgiveness, David's journey with the church, and more.

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