Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust

Genocide and Moral Obligation

One of our most important resources for Holocaust studies.  —Peter Ochs, Edgar Bronfman Professor of Modern Judaic Studies, University of Virginia

Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust by David P. Gushee is an authoritative and indispensable exploration of a highly important aspect of the Holocaust, the willingness of a small, but morally significant, number of non-Jews to take on great risks for themselves and their families to rescue Jews from the Nazi death machine. In this well-documented, well-written book, Gushee explores the full range of Gentile responses to the plight of the Jews from overt hostility and obscene brutality to altruistic rescue, the better to understand the achievements of truly Righteous Gentiles. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the Holocaust.

Superb analysis of the painful, urgent question, “Why did so few Christians try to protect the Jews?” An excellent book . . . Ronald J. Sider, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary

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