Only Human

Christian Reflections on the Journey Toward Wholeness

Other than the question of God, the question of human nature—who we are, why we are here, whey we behave as we do—is the most fundamental and perplexing of all. We are mystified at both the kindness and the horrors of human behavior and wonder where God is in both. In Only Human, David Gushee—ethicist, pastor, and award-winning Christian writer¾ uses a classic Christian framework to addresses questions about what it means to be a human being, our makeup and nature, what is right and what is wrong with us, and our origins and destiny. Drawing from contemporary and ancient discussions of human nature, Gushee offers a substantive and accessible exploration of eight essential questions:

·        Is there such a thing as human nature, something all humans share?

·        How do we understand what we are made of?

·        Why do relationships matter so much to us?

·        Is it true that human beings are intrinsically sinful?

·        Are human beings truly free to chart their own paths and make meaningful choices?

·        How do human beings become morally good people or morally evil?

·        What does a morally great life look like?

·        What should we hope for as our ultimate goal for life’s journey?

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