Justice and the Way of Jesus

Christian Ethics and the Incarnational Discipleship of Glen Stassen

This fine collection meets Stassen’s call for a more robust and faithful witness to the world of Jesus in his shaping of incarnational discipleship. The broad theological and denominational engagement invites the reader to consider not only how thick is your Jesus, but how deep and faithful are we being as Christians on the journey. —Emilie M. Townes, Vanderbilt University Divinity School

These original essays by a diverse group of Christian thinkers, edited by David Gushee and Reggie Williams, present a rich and broad engagement with Glen Stassen’s concept of “incarnational discipleship”—a major contribution to the discipline of Christian ethics outlined in his final book, A Thicker Jesus (2012). Stassen believed that his approach could strengthen faithfulness to Jesus Christ in the church and foster a stronger public witness in American society.

Exploring the term “incarnational discipleship” and its relevance for today are Lisa Sowle Cahill, Jacob Alan Cook, Miguel A. De La Torre, Stacey Floyd-Thomas, George Hunsinger, Hak Joon Lee, Peter J. Paris, Larry Rasmussen, Ron Scott Sanders, Peter M. Sensenig, and the editors.

“A true intellectual feast and a step forward for the discipline of Christian ethics. The reader will not discover mere endorsements of the man or his idea, but they will find a dozen scholars advancing the conversation about those ideas in ways that we think matter very much today.” —from the Introduction

Click on the bonuses for the Table of Contents and Contributors, and the Introduction by Gushee and Williams.

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