After Evangelicalism Webinar

Would you like to lead your church team or a discussion group in a conversation about life, faith, and church after evangelicalism?


When: June 9, 2022, 10:30am - 12pm ET

Where: Zoom link provided to registrants


Dr. David Gushee would like to invite you to join an online webinar to learn more about his book After Evangelicalism, and the new five-session After Evangelicalism Group Study Guide as tools to help the people you work with have a conversation about how to still be a Christian.


With opening remarks from David Gushee, the webinar will be led by pastor Steve Watson of Reservoir Church (Cambridge, MA), author of the study guide. Prior to writing the study guide, Steve has taught the material of this book to his church in sermons and classes. Steve will offer the story of his experience leading his church in a discussion about faith after evangelicalism. Then he’ll help you see the five big questions in the book and study guide and how they can get everyday people to talk about footholds to their faith.


The webinar will be hosted by David Morris of Lake Drive Books.

After Evangelicalism Study GuideFor a free copy of the After Evangelicalism Group Study Guide, which is helpful for the webinar, click here, and to learn more about After Evangelicalism, click here. If you register, you'll also receive a 40% off coupon code for the book for purchase at

For questions or further details, please contact  [email protected]

In partnership with the Post-Evangelical Collective. Learn more about their October 2022 gathering for pastors, artists, and church leaders.

David Gushee

Dr. David P. Gushee is the author of Changing Our Mind, Still Christian, After Evangelicalism, and most recently, Introducing Christian Ethics. He is a professor of Christian ethics and Mercer University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Senior Research Fellow, International Baptist Theological Study Centre. He lives in Atlanta.

Steve Watson

Steve Watson is the senior pastor of Reservoir Church, a post-evangelical church in Cambridge, MA. Steve’s life and career have been teaching, coaching and mentoring, organizational and community development, and public healing and justice.

David Morris

David Morris is a publisher at Lake Drive Books, a literary agent at Hyponymous Consulting and an author. After more than 25 years of publishing experience with major publishers, he works with authors who desire to be entrepreneurs for hope. David lives in Grand Rapids, MI.

AE Webinar

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